Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving and "Bunny Ears"

Thanksgiving came early for our family this year. Since Erin had to work we celebrated on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We had a very low-key day as all four of us were sick. I always hate being sick, but I hate it even more when its during the holiday season. I mean, how in the world am I supposed to even taste all the yummy food when my nose is stuffed up?! Thankfully, I was still able to taste the yummy turkey, taters, rolls and stuffing. It was soooo goooood. Gavin looooved the turkey. Hooray! Poor Bex had to eat rice cereal, though. Next year she can have the goodies.

Gavin got his "bunny ears" this last Wednesday. These are his special ears that will help him hear better...aka hearing aids. We haven't been lucky this year with getting him to wear them so we thought we'd try a new tactic. Or, I should say his doctor thought we'd try something new. He has been given a completely different set of hearing aids. They are ALOT smaller than his regular hearing aids and they do not require ear molds. He always hated getting molds made, so the doctor thought that maybe we should try something completely different and work our way to his regular hearing aids. He even got to pick out the colors (orange and green) for his new bunny ears! And guess what, he is really excited about them. He only wears them for 20 minute spurts, but it is a start. I'm just thankful that he is excited about them. Maybe it's because they came with a Mickey Mouse book (he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) or maybe its because he has a green one like Ben 10 (another favorite), who knows. All I know is that this seems to be working right now and I pray that this will be the beginning of something good.

Monday, November 24, 2008

a new post...finally!!

I know it has been FOREVER since my last post. A million things have happened since then...the most important being that I am a mommy to a beautiful baby girl. Rebekah Jordana was born June 10,2008, at 9:09 in the morning. She was a whopping 9lbs .5oz and 20 3/4 inches long. She is perfect.

I really, REALLY want to be good and start blogging more often. I decided that maybe it would help if I spruced up my page a bit. So now I have music {yes, I DO like the New Kids} and I also have a link to my scrapbook creations. I plan on adding more pictures here soon...

Anyway, its WAYYYY past my bedtime, so I probably should get tucked in. {Especially since Gavin loves to wake up at 6 am!}

Be sure and visit my page again...I promise I won't have such a long stretch between postings!

Goodnight! :o)

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