Tuesday, March 20, 2012


One day last week Bekah decided to surpise me with something that she did. Something that she thought was so awesome.

She cut her hair.

Putting it mildly, I freaked. It was one of those moments that you wish you could rewind just 5 minutes. One of those moments that you have to keep asking yourself if it really happened.

She was so proud of herself. She actually did a good job cutting herself some bangs!

The pictures I took don't really show the damage she did. She chopped her hair off on both sides starting at her chin. And took a small chunk out of the back.

After I calmed down, I found poor Bekah in her room, in her bed, crying. My freak out gave her the impression that I was mad and so she thought she was in trouble.

After I told her I wasn't mad, we scheduled an emergency trip (and a first) to the hair salon. The hairdresser was able to layer her hair and leave the majority of the length. I will post a before and after picture in a couple days. Bekah has been quite the stinker about letting me take a good picture of her.

But she looks so grown up, now.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

March layouts

I'm finally getting back on here to post the rest of my projects that I did with the March kit from Scrappy Chics.

The first layout is my take on this. I know these aren't the best pictures of Bekah, but I love the "feel" of the pictures. You can almost feel the excitement she has being spun in the air.

This next layout is of Gavin...and one of the many ways this boy makes me laugh!!

I just recieved my design team kit for April...oh my. Its gorgeous! I can't wait to get started on it!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

twenty eleven

Here is a mini album that I did using the March add on and embelishment kit from Scrappy Chics. I love this line by Authentique!

I have two layouts that I also created, but Blogger is being difficult right now and won't let me upload anymore picures. So I guess I will try again tomorrow :)

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