Tuesday, June 19, 2007

just feeling sad...

Just a few moments ago, I was in a perfectly good mood. That was until I checked my myspace account. After looking around through some friends, I came across someone's profile that saddened me and really touched my heart. She is a mother of a 2 year old girl who has (to put simply) a brain tumor. The little girl is too young to have the surgery as it is way too risky. This little girl died last night...strange that I don't even know these people and I am sitting here bawling my eyes out. Maybe it's because I am a mom and I could never, and would never want to, imagine losing a child of my own. My son is everything to me.
I know that God has a plan for everything, but it still doesn't keep me from asking "why?" Why take such an innocent child, why make the parents hurt so deeply? My heart goes out to the parents that have to experience the loss of a child. It is an experience that I pray I will never have to endure.
Sorry for the depressing blog, I just needed to express myself. It's amazing how becoming a parent is the most joyous thing in the world, but at the same time it is the most terrifying as well.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Potty training, here we come!

Gavin has been taking an interest in the toilet lately. He knows what it is for and he will tell me when he has to go "pee pee". Except he doesn't actually go, instead he goes through the actions while saying "pssssssss". It's really cute, but tiresome as well. Especially because he'll tell me several times during the day (even at Walmart) but he won't actually do the deed.

So since he has been removing his diaper constantly, I've been letting him run free outside occasionally.

I knew this moment of potty training was coming soon, but I'm still not quite prepared for it...It's bittersweet, my baby is no longer a baby...he's growing up...I wish he could stay little forever.

Friday, June 15, 2007

A parade, a lolly and a zoo...oh my!

Gavin has had a week of "firsts". And just when I thought that stage was gone...It's amazing how many different things that us adults take for granted, when our children haven't even had the joy of experiencing them yet.

He went to his first parade during Colony Days in Palmer last weekend. He had such a great time watching the fire trucks, motorcycles and animals. He especially liked the candy.

In his candy stash from the parade, he discovered a "dum dum" sucker. Although he never managed to finish it, he sure did like the taste of it!

At Crystal's baby shower he was able to play on the playground equipment. This was his first time on a tube slide. He had a BLAST! Can't you tell by the huge smile on his face?

A baby shower wouldn't be complete without a piece of cake. And that cake was yummy! It wasn't a first time experience for him (cake-eating) but I just had to post this picture. It was my most favorite one of the day.

Erin and I were able to take advantage of the gorgeous weather we had last weekend and took Gavin to the zoo. He had a great time and we loved watching the looks of excitement on his face. Most of the time he rode on top of daddy's shoulders...well, at least until we got to the porcupine exhibit. He kicked off one of his shoes and it landed over the fence and next to the cage. Erin had to go get a zoo employee to retrieve his shoe. It was quite comical.

A parade, a lolly, a baby shower and a trip to the zoo...all in one beautiful weekend. We are truly blessed. And I never realized how much fun even the simplest things are, when you have a child who is seeing things for the first time.

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