Friday, February 20, 2009

ten little piggies...

all covered in Band-Aids!!! Gavin loves Band-Aids. I mean really loves them. It's a good thing they are cheap because he will go through a whole box in one sitting. Like this morning...he just had to have a Band-Aid for each little piggy. Too bad we had to leave shortly after we got them all put on...Band-Aids on your toes with socks just don't mix!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

a baby shower

My cousin is due for boy number 2 next month, so her mom and I put together a baby shower for her. I was in charge of the invitations (which were *gasp* store bought), the cupcakes, party favors and games. I also decided to make her a diaper cake for her gift. Although I was pleased at how all the party stuff turned out, I'm glad it's all finished. I still need to learn how to spread my projects out and not be scrambling at the last minute to finish them!!

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