Friday, April 3, 2009

El Tigre and the Fantastic Four (according to Gavin) plus one

Lately, Gavin has been infatuated with El Tigre. El Tigre is a cartoon on Nickelodeon that we let him watch--occasionally. We only let him watch it occasionally because it seems like it brings out the wild side in him. Let me explain about El Tigre...he is a boy who has a wrestling family and his alter ego is a wrestler (a tiger). So when he "transforms" he puts claws out and says "EL TIGRE!!".
Gavin has this down to a tee. Unfortunately its awfully annoying since he only does it when he is in trouble and doesn't want to listen to what we have to say.

Another "transformation" Gavin goes through is Spiderman. This one I can tolerate a bit more than El Tigre. He uses this transformation for just about anything. Is there a ghost in the house? Call Spiderman! He'll shoot webs and make the ghost go away! Time to rough-house with Daddy? Spiderman can kick his butt! In trouble with the parents? No problem for Spiderman!
Caring child that he is, Gavin hasn't forgotten that maybe we all want alter egos, too. Let me introduce the Fantastic Four...
drumroll please...
Gavin is, of course, Spiderman
Daddy is Wolverine
Mommy is "Spiderman Girl" (thats what Gavin calls her) and wait...mommy is special so she has TWO alter egos...Emma Frost (X Men)
Bekah J is...The Human Torch. Umm, okay.
And lets not forget Grandma...she gets to be The Thing. *giggle*, *snort*

Love the imagination this kiddo has...don't even get him started on Ben 10. He'll do ALL the transformations, which ever one is suitable for the moment!!


witness2miracles said...

wow, i didn't know his alter egos were so indepth! yes, quite an imagination. Lately I've been trying to teach Kyler to have an imagination - he doesn't know what to do when a toy doesn't have an "on" button!

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