Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There's a snake in my boot!!

Lately, Gavin's new obsession has been Toy Story. From Woody to Buzz to Jessie to Rex, he loves all the characters. His little obsession has also made it's way to little Miss Bekah. She loves Woody...So much that Grandma Dawn had to go and buy more Toy Story toys so that Bekah and Gavin each had some. Can you say Spoiled??

Nice thing is, they both have birthdays coming up...and since this year we are combining their birthdays (just this once) a Toy Story party it will be!! I can't wait to do all of the decorations and invitations. I have quite a few fun ideas for goody bags and cupcakes and cookies...I almost feel like the party is more for me than my kids!! LOL!!

I better get started...June and July are just right around the corner!


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