Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some days are rockin', other days...not so much.

This layout I did of Bekah was a work in progress for about a month and a half! I started on it, but my vision didn't match what was happening, so I put it away for a bit until I could get a fresh look at it. Now that it is complete, it is one of my favorite layouts of her!

Yesterday was a doozy for Bekah. This is what happens when a 2 year old has a meltdown and decides to slam her face into the hardwood floor.

OUCH!! Poor little girl ended up with a puffy lip, a crease on her nose and her first ever nosebleed; which also happened to be a nosebleed that came from BOTH nostrils!!

But after all of that, she still is a cutie, isn't she?


aimee said...

ouch... and i love that you took pictures of the aftermath!

and love those butterflies floating up the page - awesome work, as usual!

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