Friday, November 26, 2010

Spiral roses

This is a tutorial that I did for Scrap that baby! It was supposed to be posted on the 23rd, but the blog owner has been sick. I have had a few requests from people on how to make these roses, so I thought I would post it here since I'm not sure when it will be posted on the Scrap that baby blog.

I'm obsessed with spiral roses. Seriously. I love how easy they are to make and how you can make them small or big, with glitter or without. The possibilities are endless!

So today, I will show you how to make them!

1. First, you will need to trace and cut a circle from your paper. I just used a tin to draw my circle. Double sided paper works best for these, but one sided paper (like I used) works okay, too

2. Now you need to cut a spiral into the circle. It doesn't have to be perfect. Make sure when you get to the center of the circle that you leave a big enough piece left. That piece will be the base that you glue your flower to.

3. Cut off the funky piece to make your spiral look more uniformed.

4. Starting from the outside, roll the paper as tight as you can. Continue to roll until you come to the base. Once again, the roll doesn't have to be perfect either.

5. Before you glue your flower to the base, carefully let go of the spiral so that it kind of fans out. You can adjust your flower to be as tight or as open as you want it to be.

6. Glue the spiral to the base. Make sure you use a heavy duty glue. (I like Beacons.) After you glue it together, hold it together for a few seconds to help it adhere. Set it aside for a couple minutes to dry.

7. Now is the fun part! You can paint, glitter, ink or distress the flower. Or just leave plain!!
On this flower, I used a glue pen to disperse glue on random parts of the flower. Then I poured glitter over it.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make your own spiral roses! They are very addicting to make!


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