Thursday, December 2, 2010

the scar

This weeks prompt at Scrap that Baby is all about the ouchies and boo-boos. I chose to do a layout on a subject that I have wanted to scrap about ever since it happened...Bekah's scar.

Journaling reads:

When people ask about the scar above your lip, we always tell them you were hit by a buffalo...It was actually a frozen package of buffalo meat that fell out of the freezer. You just happened to be on the floor next to the fridge and became the helpless victim. The corner of the package made a perfect cut into your skin. At 9 months old you already had a cool story to tell!!

Thankfully, her scar has faded and you can barely see it. I felt so bad that it happened...But we love telling people she was hit by a buffalo!!


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