Thursday, February 3, 2011

a little about me

Have you heard of My Scrapbook Nook? It's a wonderful kit club that I discovered. I have yet to play with any of the kits, but they look divine.

They are in the middle of choosing 5 new design team members. I am one of 40 FABULOUS ladies that have made the first cut from 124 applicants!!! I haven't shared this news because I didn't want to jinx it :)

The ladies that I am competing They are so talented. I am just in awe over their creations. Even if I don't make the team, it has be a complete HONOR just to say that I was on the same boat with these girls!

Anyway, Leah at My Scrapbook Nook put together a list of ten questions for all of us ladies to answer in hopes of getting to know us better.

I thought I'd share the questions and my answers here...

1: What did you want to be when you grew up?

A SAHM. Seriously.

2: What was your favorite book as a child, and what is it as an adult?

Um, this sounds bad, but I remember reading VC Andrews books when I was in the 6th grade. I loved those books! And now, I am a complete Twilight junkie. I think I've read that series at least 5 times now.

3: Choose only one scrap company for the rest of your life. . .

This is tough. I think right now I'd have to say Pink Paislee.

4: If you could have dinner with a well known person who has died, who would it be? Why?

Probably Elvis Presley. I have always been drawn to his music and I thought he seemed pretty charming, too!

5: Do you know what your actual hair color is?
Yep, its the color that it is right now...well minus the random gray hairs!! Very dark brown.

6: Choose one superpower to have- which is it?

I would love to have the superpower of speed. I tend to have way too many household chores that are neglected due to my obsession with creating...

7: What is your ideal home (size, country vs city, special features)

I'm a little bit country and a little bit city. Not smack in the middle of a big city, but not wayyyy out of town. I would love a house with 4 large bedrooms; one being a master bedroom and one being a scrap room. Vaulted celings, huge back yard. Very big kitchen with a snack bar and an island. I've always had a small kitchen and I would LOVE to have a bigger one with more room to move around.

8: Best advice you've ever received.

Make sure to enjoy your kids before they grow up. I tend to forget this quite often...I really need to slow down more and have more tea parties with my girl and build train tracks with my boy. They grow up way too fast.

9: What is your guilty pleasure?

Diet Coke. I am sooooo addicted to that. But not in the can. Ick. Only in the bottle or from the fountain. I am a can snob. LOL

10: If I am underestimating you, what is it that I should know?

I am one of the best bakers you will ever meet. I love to bake and it shows in my treats I am also a very dedicated friend to those that I love.

I had fun with these questions and I think I just may have to document these in a mini album here soon. I never do anything about myself, its always about the kids. I'm sure that one day they would like to know what kinds of things their momma liked.


Chloe :-) said...

GOOD LUCK with the DT call!!! Loved your answers here and yep - they need scrapping :-)

LG said...

It is nice getting to know you more :)

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