Tuesday, February 21, 2012

not this kind of pink

Everyone who knows Bekah, knows that her favorite color is pink.

But not this kind of pink....

Yep, the pink eye bug has hit our home. Gavin had it last week and on his last day of eye drops, Bekah woke up with it in her right eye. The next morning it was in both eyes.

Doesn't she look so sad? Everytime I put the eye drops in she tells me that it "hurts so bad". Sniff. I hate causing her any more discomfort but she HAS to have the eyedrops. I told her that if she doesn't take the drops then I will have to take her to the doctor and he will have to cut out her eyeballs because they are infected.

Yes, I really did say that. o_O

As morbid as that sounds...it didn't even phase the little bugger. She still protests when I pull out the eyedrops.

I'm just hoping that this will be the end of the pink eye and not just a vicious cycle.

Well, I'm off to do some more cleaning!


Katie said...

I hope Bekah is feeling better!

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