Saturday, June 16, 2007

Potty training, here we come!

Gavin has been taking an interest in the toilet lately. He knows what it is for and he will tell me when he has to go "pee pee". Except he doesn't actually go, instead he goes through the actions while saying "pssssssss". It's really cute, but tiresome as well. Especially because he'll tell me several times during the day (even at Walmart) but he won't actually do the deed.

So since he has been removing his diaper constantly, I've been letting him run free outside occasionally.

I knew this moment of potty training was coming soon, but I'm still not quite prepared for it...It's bittersweet, my baby is no longer a baby...he's growing up...I wish he could stay little forever.


Belle Etoile said...

I can definitely relate to the "psssss" sound they make when imitating us. How cute.

Sophia's moving in that direction, too, but still tricks us a lot...

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