Saturday, March 20, 2010

Buh bye num num...

The moment that I have been waiting for for the past several months has finally approached.

The "Num num" has left the building.

It has been over a week since I have nursed Bekah. And although I miss the closeness of it, I am thankful to have my "girls" back. :)

It all started on a Thursday night when I was able to put Bekah to sleep without nursing her. Yay! I figured that if I could do that, then she would be perfectly fine without any milk. So the next morning was the last time that I nursed her. She did great all day, only asked for it a couple times. That night I was able to put her asleep again with no problem. What a relief!! But I knew that come morning, she was going to want milk and be very upset if rejected.

I was right.

Saturday morning she was extremely upset. And that is just putting it mildly. She screamed and kicked and cried and threw things for about 20 minutes straight. Finally, to get some extra backbone on my side, I went to wake up Daddy.

While Daddy was waking up, Bekah and I went into Gavin's room to play. Or at least, I was trying to play with her. She was still pretty upset. And bless his heart, Gavin tried to make things better for her. He went and got her baby and her blankie. As soon as he handed her the baby doll, she snuggled right up to it.

And that broke my heart.

Then Gavin went and got her little carton of fancy milk and she took it!! She tried to throw it at me when I offered it, but took it from her brother. How sweet :)

The rest of the day was tough. She cried for num num several times, and was heartbroken when I rejected her. She did let me put her to sleep again without any problems.

Sunday morning was a little better. She was still asking for it throughout the day and still getting upset when denied. Monday was even better than Sunday. Tuesday she took her fancy milk carton from me with no problem. Wednesday she didn't ask for num num at all.

I have tried numerous times in the past to break her of nursing. And every time I failed. I think what made this time successful was the fact that I was 100 percent ready to quit. It was a hard decision to make because I loved the bonding between us, but she was just so darn needy!! Every time I would sit down she thought she could have some. And she would play during "our" time. Definitly not.

I still get to have my "Bekah" time. She will sit and cuddle with me in the morning while she drinks from her fancy milk container. I get lots of hugs and kisses from her, too. It makes me sad that my baby is no longer a baby...ahhh why do they have to grow up?

But I know that I made the right decision. I was ready this time. Now I can enjoy having her on my lap to cuddle and not worry about her asking for num num.


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