Monday, March 1, 2010

Looking back at February...

...I have been totally engrossed with LOST!! I am so sad it is the last season but excited at the same time for ANSWERS!! The season premiere was as good as the series premiere, way back when. Every Tuesday night at eight o'clock you can find me in front of the telly.

...I have been busy enjoying my husband's handy skills at remodeling our house. He knocked out the wall that was between the kitchen and dining room and it really opened up the place! I love it! Add some new paint on the walls and our house is really starting to become a home!! Up next...wood floors! Woohoo!!!

...I was completely touched by this blog: Sorry, I am feeling a bit computer illiterate and cannot figure out how to make my link work. (Grr!) But if you copy and paste this, I promise that it is worth it! Her story of becoming a momma the second time around is truly beautiful. Just be sure to grab the Kleenex before you read it!

...I am saddened by the closing of the Craftgarden. It has been a home to my creativity for the past 4 years. I have met some wonderful people through that store...people that I will surely miss.

...I had a wonderful visit with my great-aunt Connie earlier this month. She is my grandma's sister--and she is a riot! I haven't seen her in over 7 years, so it was great playing catch up with her. I can't wait until next summer when she plans to visit again :)

...I have actually found some time to do some scrapbooking. I have a few new layouts that I haven't posted yet...

...I have been enjoying the craziness of my kiddos. They are such characters. Yin and yang...Gavin and Bekah truly deserve their own post describing all of their daily antics.

...I have been trying to wean Bekah of "num-num". It's not working. I tried cold turkey. That didn't work. I tried vinegar on (ahem) "num-num". That didn't work either. So...we are "ferberizing" her instead. (Translated: making her cry it out at night) The first night was terrible...she woke up every hour and a half. But last night was night number five and she only woke up once! I think it may be working :)

...I am not-so-patiently-anxiously-awaiting for New Moon to come out on DVD this month. I am such a Twihard :) Jacob or Edward? Hmm...yes, please. to both!!!


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