Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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So, it's Tuesday. Typically I would be excited. I always look forward to Tuesday. That was before the end.

Call me pathetic, I know I am. But, darn it, why did this show have to end? After following it for the past six years, I feel like I've lost some close friends.

Hurley. I am gonna miss you, dude. All your references to Star Wars, your good natured heart...I never would've thought that you would end up where you did.

Locke. Don't tell anyone, but I secretly have a crush on you. Thank you for being the BEST actor on this series. It was a pleasure watching you each week, going from good to bad and bad to good. Even when you were fake Locke, I still loved you.

Jack. It was always you. From the very beginning, it started with you and ended with you. I must say that you totally redeemed yourself this season. At the beginning of this series you were in my favorites. Then you got all weird and over bearing and I lost interest. But this season, wow, you made me a believer again.

Sawyer. Sawyer. Sawyer...*sigh* Oh, how I will miss your dry sense of humor. The way you nicknamed just about every person on the island. Your dimples. Any scene where you were shirtless...I wouldn't hesitate at all to "play house" with you :) (okay, just don't tell my husband that!!)

I just still can't believe that it's over. There will not be anymore shows. It's not just over for the summer...it's over for good.

I guess I should just take the advice of Jack and "Let go".

At least I can watch the DVD's anytime I want, right?


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