Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Roxie girl

Meet the newest addition to our family...Roxie!! She is a six month old "Boston Chug". Her momma was full Boston Terrier and her daddy was a chihuahua and pug mix. She is so lovable and playful!

We have been thinking about getting a dog ever since we spent some time over at our friends house. They have a lovable boxer that Erin just fell in love with. While we were on our mission to find a boxer, we found Roxie. She may not be a boxer, but she is the perfect dog for us. She loves the kids and we love her :)

Although, I DID have some doubts the first night when she pooped and peed on the floor! And howled and cried during bedtime...She was used to sleeping IN BED with her previous owner (uh-oh) and that WAS NOT going to happen here! She is doing great, though, adjusting quite well.

So now, I am pretty sure that completes our crazy family of one mommy, one daddy, one boy, one girl, two crazy cats and one playful pup!! Whew!


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