Tuesday, June 9, 2009


A few nights ago, Erin and I had to drive to Anchorage to pick up his dad's truck at the airport. I was a little nervous about driving out of the airport because it was not something that I had experienced yet. I am familiar with a good part of Anchorage, but down by the airport I was not. On the way to the airport, I kept joking with Erin about the possibility of me getting lost. He had confidence in me and we talked about what would be an easy way out of town. I saw that Spenard was close by, so I said I'd take that.

After I dropped Erin off at the airport, I had no problem getting back out on the road. Piece of cake, I thought. WRONG. Somehow, when I was on Spenard, I decided to take Northern Lights. Which led me in the opposite direction. After I noticed that I was driving on a regular road, no double lanes or anything, I started to get worried. After I passed a post office and a lake (why would a lake be right in the middle of town?) I really got worried. So I turned around and looked for another road that I might be familiar with.

I don't remember what road I turned on, but somehow I ended up back in Spenard. Then I passed International. Then a jet flew right over the top of me while it was preparing to land. That really did it for me.

I was lost.
And I was scared.

I called Erin crying and telling him that I was lost and didn't know where I was at. We kept getting cut off, so that made it even more frustrating. I finally found my way out of International and came to C Street. I am familiar with that. Hooray! I thought. Oops, I'm in the wrong lane. After turning around I was finally on my way home.

Luckily the kids slept through the majority of the adventure. Gavin did wake up when I was crying so I made sure I calmed myself down right away. I didn't need him to get scared, too.

After leaving the Valley at 7:45, I finally made it home at 11:00. And it was good to be home. :)


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